Thursday, December 13, 2012

What would the early church think if they walked into some of our buildings today, looked through our church Web sites, talked to an average attender?  Would they be so confused?  Would they wonder why we all had empty bedrooms and uneaten food in our trash cans?  Would they regard our hoarded wealth with shock? … I think they’d barely recognize us as brothers and sisters.  If we told them church is on Sundays and we have an awesome band, this would be perplexing.  I believe we’d receive dumbfounded stares if we discussed “church shopping” because enough people don’t say hello when we walk in the lobby one hour a week.  If they found out one-sixth of the earth’s population claimed to be Christians, I’m not sure they could reconcile the suffering happening on our watch while we’re living in excess.  They’d wonder if we had read the Bible or worry it had been tampered with since their time.

(Jen Hatmaker in 7)

Prayer focus – Evaluate whether or not your life currently lines up with what we are learning about how God views our responsibility to our neighbor.  Be completely honest with yourself – God already knows!  Spend some time today asking Him how you can become the light in our community that He is calling – commanding – that you be.  Make a plan for the New Year for ways that you can serve others in the ways that God calls us to do.

(Photo above of the 40+ students and adults gathered to distribute flyers on December 9, 2012.  Over 50 people have now volunteered to help on December 15 alone, not to mention the many youth and adults serving the meal on December 19.  We would have been happy to have 20 people work alongside us.  God has blessed us beyond measure.)