As I think about what “more” actually means, I keep coming back to things that I really need LESS of – like social media, perfectionism, and stuff (and probably a whole host of other things).  Let me explain…

Social media – We are so fortunate to have friends living and working all over the world, and Facebook helps us keep up with major events in their lives.  We are able to pass along information (snow cancelled my Kidz Choir tonight), prayer requests (a sweet friend was very sick this week), and photos of our kids (did you see mine playing in the snow this morning?).

But we seem to have lost the desire to call friends and hear their voices, talk with the people we are sitting with during a meal, or send a card or an email.  A 140-character update on Twitter for the masses will be enough.

So, I have made hard choices.  I am not on Pinterest.  I have an Instagram account, but I rarely open it.  I write a blog, but I have miserable stats because I do almost nothing to promote it, other than sharing new posts with my friends.  (But if you ever want to share it, feel free!)

I do have a two-and-a-half year old who will start preschool next fall.  I have a stack of books I want to read.  I have new recipes to try.  I have music to rehearse.  I have a husband who needs my attention.  And I have decided that these things are more important.

I still fail in this area.  Yesterday, I checked Facebook on my phone while giving my son a bath.  I am a work in progress.

Perfectionism – I was the student who stacked her books on her desk by size, perfectly lined up at the corners.  Yes, I have a problem.  I will have to work at this one until I die.  Giving attention to details is one thing – it adds to my ability to play the piano, appreciate good grammar, and bake a cake.  Trying to do everything in life perfectly is impossible and exhausting.

Stuff – A few months ago, I declared war on our house.  I carted off trunk-loads full of stuff we just do not need.  Some things were donated, some went into the trash.  I need to do it again.  Some days, the amount of useless junk we have overwhelms me.  We have stuff just for the sake of having it, and people not a mile from our house are struggling to buy food.  Something is wrong with this.

Like you, I only have 24 hours in each day, and some of those must be devoted to sleep.  If I want more good things in my life – Jesus, husband, son, family, friends, good books, and a good cup of coffee – I have to make space for them.