I have started and stopped this post several times.  Talking about the hard days is, well, hard.  We all have them.  Days that things just don’t go quite right.  Sometimes, we even have days that are just plain bad.

We go about life, post the best of us on Facebook and Twitter, and pretend that our lives are just as good as we think everyone else’s are.  We photoshop our pictures, edit our statuses, and arrange our timelines to make us into the person we want to be.

And all the time, the truth is that disappointments, sickness, and bad times come.  While I am certainly not advocating over-sharing on social media – some things are better kept to ourselves – maybe it’s time we start encouraging one another in real ways, in real life.

Yesterday, I posted a cute picture of my son.  What I didn’t mention is that he threw a screaming, crying tantrum a few minutes later – while I was setting up for our children’s musical at church.  Real life.

I recently took part in a week-long fast from social media.  I learned that I can live without it.  I learned that I would rather spend my time in real relationships that are right around me.  No, I’m not getting rid of social media.  I just sometimes confuse it for my real life.

Can we start a revolution of sorts?  Can we commit to spending more time and energy on the people who we live with, work with, play with, than on the people who share our news feed?  Could we find one or two new friendships to foster, or one or two to rekindle?  Could we spend more energy on the people who share our home?

Could we be more authentic about our real lives – the ones where the house is a mess, my hair is doing something strange, and bad days come?  Can we be brave enough to let people into our real lives, to see the messes, the hurts, the struggles – as well as the joys, the triumphs, and the good days?

I want to try.