I enjoy a lot of things – strong coffee, good books, nice music, pretty flowers, a playdate at the park.  I attempt a few creative endeavors – making music, cooking, scrapbooking, blogging.

And, too often, I am guilty of separating those God-given talents and interests from my walk with Christ.

God made me, and in His goodness, He gave me the ability to appreciate a well-written novel, a beautiful performance, and the perfect bowl of ice cream.  He created the sunshine I enjoyed this morning, a mind that retains and processes new information, and hands that play the notes on the page.

He created others who can write songs, build tall buildings, perform on stage, or run a marathon.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do…

…preach a sermon.

…teach in a school.

…mother small children.

…make music.

…work in a factory.

…care for the sick.

…write a book.

…work heartily, as for the Lord…

We are equipped with creativity to glorify God and to serve His creation.  Our abilities are not simply for our own enjoyment, but for blessing others.  We are a demonstration of God’s love and grace through our music, words, food, and art.  We share these gifts with a watching world to draw them closer to a Savior.  We share them with the body of Christ to encourage and strengthen one another. His gifts are powerful tools.

Whatever you are busy creating today – art, spreadsheets, a life – this is His gift to you.  Steward it well.