911567_10152749226225244_135445170_n[1]Sometimes it’s all a bit overwhelming.  I can recycle, garden, buy local, and repurpose.  I can support this ministry, this friend’s adoption, this mission endeavor.  There are so many places to give my time, my money, my efforts.  Where to start?  What do I choose, and what gets left out?

Instead of beating myself up about all that I can’t do (and I’m plenty good at that, mind you), I’ve decided to pick a few areas to invest what resources I have.  For example, take this photo.

This is my garden.

Well, not entirely mine.  Fortunately, most of this belongs to my friend’s father, but about four families are going to share a small corner of this and pretend that we actually know how to grow vegetables.  We covet your prayers that our plants do not die and that the deer do not eat our corn.

By itself, this garden is a very small thing.  Choosing to support two of our local stores this week is a small thing.  Taking the time to talk with two of my neighbors while on a morning walk is a small thing.   But if I do my small things and you do your small things, they can add up to something really big.

Our pastor’s wife recently shared about shopping in a dollar store and overhearing a conversation between a mother and daughter.  The mother could not afford something the daughter wanted, so our pastor’s wife gave them the money.  It was a small thing, but made a big difference to this girl.

The 20 or so volunteers from our church who have been giving of their time to tutor at-risk students in a low-income neighborhood, the women who have cooked meals for the program, and the school and community leaders who are working with these students are doing a small thing that we pray will make a big difference.

No, I can’t reinvent this world.  But God can, and He has given each of us areas in which to serve and invest.  He has called us to the communities where we live, and we are to be His representatives in those communities, to the people we see everyday.  We are called to be actively serving, giving, contributing members of society.

Even if it is just one thing.