I have an overwhelming sense of thankfulness this week for all that we have.  Not that we are wealthy (we’re not), and not that we have everything we want (we don’t). But all of our basic needs are met, we are clothed, fed, and entertained with more than we can desire.  Summer is just barely underway, but I am determined that we will soak up every ounce of joy from this season.

To that end, today’s post is going to be a quick list of some of my favorite things about Summer 2013 so far:

  1. Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries! We spent the morning of Memorial Day picking what amounted to an entire peck of strawberries … and then I spent the next two days slicing, freezing, and making ice cream, jam, and muffins.  I may be a little over all the strawberries right now, but how I will love them in July and August.
  2. Local parks are the best free summer fun destinations. Henry loves to play with other kids, and the spray parks just opened, so I see many hours there this summer. We have quite a network of parks in our city, and I plan on trying as many as possible.
  3. My new tote bag from Sew Pink Boutique.  I love a big bag to hold all of our summer essentials, and I especially love how cute it is.
  4. Have I told you I have a garden? I think am in the newlywed stage with my garden, and I love everything about it.  We’ll see how I feel in July and August, but right now, I am thrilled to see things growing.
  5. Ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato – you name it, I love it.  I like to go out for ice cream, but I also love the ice cream maker attachment to my stand mixer. Here’s my favorite no-cook strawberry ice cream. You can thank me later.
  6. The Hello Mornings Challenge. Armed with a summer Bible study to walk through the book of John and my own exercise plan, I check in with my Facebook group every morning as a means of accountability for 13 weeks. We are only in week four, and I think my clothes may be fitting a little better and I know that my morning time in the Word is more focused and consistent.

How’s your summer?  What are a few of your favorite things about this summer?  I’d love to hear what you and your family are doing!