As I was walking through my neighborhood early this morning, I was praying about some specific things going on in the life of our little family.  I sometimes feel selfish in those prayers.  We have been blessed with so much.  How can I ask God for more when the divide between those who have plenty (like us) and those who do not is so wide?

And while I firmly believe that God wants to hear about all of my needs, and even all of my wants, as I reached the halfway point of my walk, it was if He was changing my prayers for me.  Instead of saying “God, I really want this, and I think I might need that,” I began to pray, “God, whatever you do with these circumstances, show us Yourself.  We just want to see You.”

In the direction I was walking, all I could see was a cloudy sky.  It looked like it could rain.  But just then, I turned a corner and the sky in that direction was a clear, bright blue, as if God was confirming my prayer.

Can I keep praying those words?  Can I sincerely let go of the things that I think I need to be happy, and wait expectantly for God to reveal Himself?

And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

We have received from His fullness.  We have received grace upon grace.  We have been given more than we deserve, not by our own merit but by His graciousness.  All things are from His hand.

So I’ll continue to ask, God, please show us Yourself.  Let us see you in these circumstances.  Lead us into the light of You.