Please keep reading. I promise not to give you the gory details of the past three days. It is enough for you to know that Monday signaled the end of diapers and the beginning of a whole new era of Henry’s life and learning.

He is (slowly) learning to use the potty. Not because he wants to, but only because his dad and I know that this is the next milestone in his development, and it’s what is best for him at this age and stage of life.

We’ve been talking to him about this for a couple of weeks. On Monday, he laid in the floor crying and begging for his “Elmo diaper.” On Tuesday, he refused to use the potty and proceeded to increase our need for new flooring.

It’s a good thing I never act like that.


Oh, do the spiritual implications abound. While I may no longer have potty accidents, how many times have I gone kicking and screaming through a season of life, when my heavenly Father is trying to reassure me that this is actually for my good? How many times have I wanted to continue in the known, the familiar, when what God actually has planned for me is better and greater, even though it seems scary at first?

Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ… Ephesians 4:15

God wants us to “grow up” in our faith, to become mature and move past the things we needed as infants in the faith. He wants us to trust that what He asks of us is actually the best thing for us, that His knowledge and goodness will lead us to something better.

As I type this, it’s nap time. Henry is sleeping soundly (I hope) in his bed. And today? So far, the floor is clean, Henry and I are both clean, and he has earned several M&M’s and suckers. He’s learning – slowly, slowly – that this is the next step. It’s a good step. And better things are coming.

PS – Next month we celebrate the fifth anniversary of “A Fine Close Weave.”  I’ve never celebrated any blogging anniversaries before, but this is a big one.  Last week, I asked Twitter and Facebook friends for suggestions, and my favorite was coffee and ice cream.  I will probably do that anyway, since both of those are staples in my house, but I’d like to celebrate with YOU.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!