My little guy starts preschool tomorrow morning. And while his school is only two mornings each week, it’s still a huge milestone for him and for us. Hear my thoughts as we begin this slow process of letting him go into the world.

Henry%20ChristopherYou came to us rather unexpectedly, rather late by our thoughts, right on time in God’s mind. We fed you, changed diapers, and threw a party when you finally slept through the night.

You rolled over, sat up, crawled, stood up, and walked. Now, you run and dance and sing (are your teachers really prepared for you to unexpectedly bust out with “Staying Alive”?). You ask, “Mommy, will you play with me?” We work puzzles, Daddy draws pictures. You are no longer a baby but a little boy who is growing and discovering every day.

Tomorrow you start preschool.

You have spent almost every day of your life with me. We have been inseparable for the past three years, but tomorrow we start a new chapter of independence for you.

And I know that you are ready.

My prayer for you has always been that you will be a mighty warrior for Christ. That will always be my guiding thoughts as I pray for you.

But for tomorrow, I pray that you will be obedient and respectful. Obedient to God, me and Daddy, and your teachers. Respectful of your new friends.20130731_101911

I pray that you will be a leader who points others to Christ, and not one who follows when others go the wrong way.

I am excited for the new friends you will make, and the new things you will learn. I hope you will love school, and I plan to enjoy everything about preschool right along with you.

We love you and can’t wait to share this adventure with you. Just forgive Mommy if I cry a little tomorrow, okay?