1077912_10153118820575244_232019370_n[1]This week, I began my second Hello Mornings Bible study, and my first as an accountability captain for the Flourish.me Hello Mornings group. If you haven’t heard of Hello Mornings, it’s a great online community that provides accountability for women in the areas of Bible study and in living a healthy and balanced life. If these are areas where you struggle (like I do), you should check it out.

Have you ever thought much about Ananias? You know, the guy God used to heal Paul’s blindness and commission him for ministry? Until this week, I hadn’t.

Acts 9 is the only place we read about Ananias, but we do know he was instrumental in Paul’s early days in ministry. We also know he had enough trust in God to do a really hard thing – go to a known persecutor of Christians, heal him, and tell him about Jesus.

Those of us living in North America may not face the same potentially life-threatening challenge that God gave Ananias. And yet, God still asks us to do hard things…

  • share our faith with a neighbor.
  • accept a new position of ministry at church.
  • change jobs.
  • make a new friend.
  • choose to stay at home for a season with our children.
  • write the blog.
  • teach the class.
  • have a hard conversation.
  • pray that God will use us whenever, wherever, however.

When God chooses us for a task, we can rest assured that He will go before us, just as He did with Ananias. Ananias didn’t know what he would find when he met Paul, but he knew that God was going to use both of them to accomplish greater things. God wants to use us to impact our corner of the world, and it will take our doing the hard things to make a difference.

Ananias was faithful, he was willing, and he was obedient. When God called, he responded, “Here I am, Lord.”

Is God asking you to do a “hard thing”? You can be faithful, willing, and obedient as you trust in Him to provide all you need and more.