Although today is January 1, 2014 and technically we should be looking forward today rather than backward, I wanted to take just a minute and look at my personal highlights from 2013. Here are some of the high points from my year, and some things that I love and commend to you, in no particular order.

  1. Most-read blog post from this year – For the Beginning of Preschool. The absolutely greatest moment of the year for our family was Henry’s first day of preschool. We are so thankful for his teachers and his school for giving him a good start in his educational journey.
  2. Having a garden, or at least, sharing a garden. If you’ve never had a garden or are a little hesitant to try it on your own, grab a few friends, find a little spot, and make a plan for this summer. We are enjoying the bounty stored away in our freezer, and we’re making plans for this next summer.
  3. Joining the community at Grace For Moms. If you are mom, you need to subscribe to this site. The contributors share wise and practical advice for raising godly children. It is a blessing and an honor to be able to work with them.
  4. Hutchmoot 2013 – Attending Hutchmoot took me far, far outside my comfort zone, but I learned so much and was thankful to have had the opportunity to attend. I learned a lot about myself and about art and the Christian community, and I have a list of things to continue to explore in the new year. If you are an artist of any variety and are not already a fan of The Rabbit Room, you should be.
  5. Family vacation to Savannah, Georgia. I love the south. I am from the south. But until this year, I had never been to Savannah. It is a beautiful old city, and is home of some of the best restaurants in the world. This was the first week-long vacation not including a conference that we have been on since Henry was born, and it was well-deserved.
  6. Celebrating five years at this blog. I am have not been the most committed blogger over the past five years, but I enjoy having this little space to vent out some of my thoughts, and I sincerely appreciate all of you who join me here.

And with that, I’ll leave you with Audrey Assad’s “I Shall Not Want.” She beautifully expresses my own desires for this new year.