Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord. Psalm 89:15

This week in our Bible study, we memorized Psalm 89:15. And as I spent time really thinking about this verse and considering what it means, the word that stood out to me and encouraged me most was learned.

The psalmist tells us that we have to learn to acclaim (praise with enthusiasm) God. Giving public praise to God is not something that comes naturally. Too often, I want to keep the praise for myself. I want people to look at me and see how good I am, how much I have accomplished, how much talent/strength/ability I have, rather than giving God the glory for every good thing I have and do.

But as with everything else, God helps us learn to praise Him. He teaches us through His Spirit how to see His hand in our lives, and how not to rely on ourselves. He teaches us to walk in the light of His presence. He shows us the way.

As He is teaching us, we need to look for opportunities to practice giving Him praise. We learn new skills by using them again and again, and the same is true in our walk with God. Each day, we need to commit to practice what He is teaching us. We need to plan ways to share with others how He is moving and working. We don’t need to keep it to ourselves, but we willingly (publicly and with enthusiasm) share all He is doing for us.

So, to start, I want to praise God for the outlet that I have in this blog. I want to thank Him for giving me the ability to craft sentences. I want to thank Him for the enjoyment I get from words – reading, writing, learning. I want to praise Him for His Word, the Bible, His gift to us.

What about you? What can you praise God for today? Would you share in the comments?

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