Four women, four ages, four backgrounds, four families, four careers … all very different, and yet all brought together with a common prayer.

Last summer, we prayed for a harvest in our garden. God was gracious, even though we REALLY didn’t know what we were doing, and we reaped. We are gathering again, this time praying for a different harvest – a harvest of revival to begin in our own hearts.

We don’t have the answers, so we are asking God to lead us as we serve Him. We’re reading through Angie Smith’s book, Chasing God, learning what it means to follow Christ rather than chasing after Him and missing the mark. We’re praying together and individually, asking God to open our eyes as we read the Word, showing us the way to a closer walk with Him.

We can’t live the Christian life in isolation. We need friends to help us along the way. We need others to lift us up, pray for us, give us a hug, and carry us when we can’t walk ourselves.

And we need to be that kind of friend to someone else.

While our greatest hope is that what God is stirring in us would spill over to others, we know that’s ultimately in God’s hands. For today, we are content with walking one day at a time, allowing Him to show us the way, knowing His path is best.

What are you trusting God for today? Please share in the comments, so we can pray for one another.