chasinggodSeveral years ago, I was part of a discipleship group led by Jaylynn Cook, a wonderful, godly mentor and a great influence in my life. I remember that she used a particular illustration for how we make decisions – what drives your train?

All trains have engines (just ask my three-year-old Thomas the Train-loving little boy). Is your engine your feelings or your faith? When we make decisions based only on our feelings, we allow emotions like anger, frustration, pride, lust, and greed to be our motivation. We let the idea of what others may think of us influence our actions. When our feelings are driving our train, anything can happen, because feelings are always changing. We won’t have clear direction, and we’ll constantly be changing our minds and second-guessing ourselves.

When faith and belief drives our train, we have clear direction. We are always moving down the track that God has laid out in His Word, the Bible. We don’t have to guess because He is already leading the way, and His way and Word don’t change based on our feelings.

But here’s the thing … our emotions are strong forces. Too often, we can let our feelings get the better of what we know to be true. Feelings are deceptive and can be influenced by so many factors – stress, health, hunger, hormones, the actions of others. I can feel one way today, act on those feelings, and regret those same actions tomorrow morning.

So we have to decide now that we are going to allow our faith to be stronger than our feelings. We have to decide today that we will do the right thing, even when we don’t feel like it. We can’t give up on the difficult days, because those are the times when acting in faith is most important.

How are you doing today? Are you choosing to act in faith, regardless of how you feel about your current life situations?