1 Cor 10Do you realize how much influence you have for the Kingdom of God?

I don’t just mean the things you do at church, although I’m sure those are good, God-glorifying opportunities. I’m talking about the other six days of the week, the Monday through Saturday days of working, playing, homemaking, recreating.

Whatever we do, however we treat others, whatever attitudes we take, words we use, feelings we embrace, can either glorify the God who made us and point others to him, or they will turn others away from seeking Him.

We create a life with our actions, and people are watching. Sometimes, we make grand gestures when our hearts are moved – large donations of money, possessions, time. And certainly, if God is asking you to make a grand gesture, do it. He teaches us great lessons when we make large sacrifices.

But I think we invest more in the Kingdom and have greater influence in our day-to-day rounds than in the “grand gestures.” Anyone can make a big sacrifice when others are watching. While those big sacrifices certainly may cost something, we often get something in return – satisfaction, a pat on the back, and recognition. Rarely do we get any of those things when we conduct our minutes and days with steadfastness, integrity, and character.

But it is in our daily living where we really have an impact on God’s Kingdom.

  • Am I raising my children to be mighty warriors in God’s army, ready to do battle against the forces of evil?
  • Am I ethical in all my business dealings?
  • Do I treat all people, regardless of age, race, occupation, or any other dividing factors with the same kindness and compassion I show to people who are just like me?
  • Do I freely share with others what God is doing in my life right now?
  • Am I patient and forgiving with others?
  • Do I actively look for ways to show love and compassion to someone else?
  • Do I do things only for recognition, or am I content to work behind the scenes and let others receive the praise?

Whatever we are doing with our days, whether we stay at home with kids, work in an office, go to school, or collect the garbage, we are commanded to do everything for the glory of God. Nothing in our lives is wasted.

How are you impacting the Kingdom today?