Matt1128I am so tired this morning, and would like nothing better than just crawling back under my soft covers. But moms can’t often do that, so I continue on with the to-do list, slowly checking off each item, and hoping that the three-year-old has a good nap this afternoon so that I can catch a few minutes on the couch before we are off and running again.

Our calendar has been absolutely full for the past several months, forcing me to do that hard thing – saying no. We’re saying no to fun events, no to good opportunities, no to anything that is not essential.

As I get older, I see how hard it is to keep us this frantic pace that seemed so easy in my 20s. We have very little margin in our lives – very little time to do spontaneous things, time in the sun, time for hobbies, time for friends and neighbors, time for living. Too often our time is spent hurrying from one event to the next.

So, as summer approaches, I’m putting my foot down, drawing a line in the sand, stopping the bus. We are accepting no new commitments until August. I want to be able to spend time in the sun working our garden. I want to find days to borrow a friend’s swimming pool. I want to read books. I want to lay in the grass. I want to play at the park with my son. I want to get to know my neighbors again after the longest winter. I want to have lunch with friends. I want to rest.

So, that’s it. I’ve already had to say no to some things (mostly just to myself). But I already feel a freedom in that – the freedom to embrace the life that’s right in front of me and enjoy the moments.

Do you need to build margin in your life? How do you decide when to say no and when to say yes?