gardenAlthough the calendar says that summer begins on June 21, and school isn’t out here for a couple more weeks, summer unofficially began in our house today with the planting of our garden.

If you were reading here last year, you know that we worked together with several other families to grow what turned into a rather large garden {an understatement!} that we used to feed ourselves and to supply our church’s food pantry.

We had no idea what we were doing.

We plunged headlong into gardening, and with the help of Mr. Don who owns the land, and through God’s gracious providence, we actually grew things that people could eat. We were amazed.

This year, we know a little more about what we are doing. We have come to the season with a better game-plan for what to grow, how much to grow, and how to freeze and preserve our goodies to use throughout the year.

This is all part of my plan for our summer. Although we live in a subdivision with pavement and sidewalks, we need to have an outlet to get our hands dirty. We need to remember where our food comes from. Gardening takes time and care, and we need to remember the slow path of doing things. Cell phones barely work at our garden, and that’s not a bad thing. We are so connected all the time, I like having a few minutes of “disconnectedness.”

While I love the hustle and bustle of the city, and I am never happier than sipping coffee in a coffee shop while people-watching, I am learning that I need this. As we were leaving the garden this morning, my friend Jill called it “therapeutic.” And while my muscles may not agree in the morning, my soul certainly does.

Do you garden? Have you planned to spend some time this summer unplugged? How will you make it happen?