Summer BreakRemember the quintessential back-to-school essay – What I Did This Summer? Well this is it, but I promise to just give the highlights!

When I left you in May, I told you that I needed to take some time off from writing, cut down on my responsibilities, and find time to clear my head. That’s sort of what happened, but it didn’t look exactly like what I imagined.

Here’s what I planned – long stretches of summer days to work in the garden, play at the park, enjoy the outdoors, swim – basically just do nothing but play.

Then we took a nine-day vacation … with a four-year-old … that also included a short conference. And we had Vacation Bible School, where I directed the preschoolers. And we had birthdays to celebrate. And we had a few other things come up here and there.

And now I’m sitting at the end of summer so thankful that we didn’t take on any new responsibilities because we certainly didn’t have room for them.

We did do the other things, but the time for spontaneity that I had hoped for just wasn’t there.

Intention – my word for the year. Yep. It made a comeback.

So here I am, staring down the beginning of the school year, and I want to make sure I am intentional about the fall. As someone once said, “The days are long but the years are short.” The older I get, the more I find this to be true.

I’ve kept a running list through the summer of things that I want to share with you, so you’ll be seeing some of these pop up in the coming weeks. I’m doing some housekeeping around the blog, tweaking things here and there, and maybe adding a few new things. I hope you’ll keep coming back, and maybe ask your friends to join in the conversation.

That’s the biggest change I’d like to make here. I want this to be an ongoing conversation about life. We are all constantly learning and changing, and I want this to be a safe place where we can share our journeys together.

So, let’s start here. How was your summer? Was it all you hoped it would be? Did you take a great vacation, or learn something new?