For the past six weeks, I have walked with a group of ministry wives through the book of Jonah. We meet each weekday, but we meet on Facebook rather than at Starbucks. We do life together, but some of us live in Kentucky, some live in other states, some live in other countries.

We all met through Hello Mornings and – two really great online resources. Hello Mornings facilitates small group Bible studies that meet through various types of social media – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. is a wonderful blog for ministry wives. We put the two together and have the Hello Mornings group!

I am coming to the end of fiv10615330_10154548986545244_4071143409478131827_n[2]e weeks of reading Jonah almost every day. It’s a short little Old Testament book with only four chapters, but with so much to say.

Chapter four has been my focus for several days. {If you haven’t read it in a while, you can here.} The ending of Jonah is troublesome to me because it is a non-ending. We don’t get to hear how Jonah responded to God, and we don’t find out what he did next.

And that bothers me. I want to know that Jonah did the right thing. I want to know that he repented of his bad attitude and his mongo pity party, and chose to trust God’s provision.

But we don’t get that.

All we know is what God said in response to Jonah. Jonah was concerned about himself. God had saved a group of people who were enemies to Jonah’s people. Then God took away the only respite Jonah had – a vine that grew quickly and then died just as quickly.

In that moment, God cared more about Jonah’s character than about his comfort. He wanted to teach Jonah about mercy and compassion, and although Jonah had recently spent three days in close company with a large fish, frankly, he still didn’t understand what God was doing.

And in that, I see far too much of myself.

God is more concerned with my character than with my comfort. He takes me through dry seasons so that I will learn more about trusting His provision. Like Jonah, I may kick and scream, but it is God who grows the vine and God who causes it to whither. I need to be as quick to praise Him in the times of lack as in the times of plenty.

What about you?Can you see God’s provision in your circumstances today, regardless of what they may be?