SLJI recently had the opportunity to hear Sally Lloyd-Jones speak, and she said something that resonated with me and that I immediately wrote down:

The question is not, am I a good writer? The question is, am I telling a good story?

While that certainly applies to my writing (and is something that I am striving for), I think there’s a bigger question. Am I telling a good story with my life? Am I leaving the kind of legacy that I want to leave? Do people describe me as only a good person or as someone living for the glory of God? Are the things that I create of lasting value, or do they just survive for the moment?

We all tell some sort of story with our lives. Your story is what makes you uniquely you. Some of us tell stories with great heartbreak and loss. Some of our stories are just beginning.

Your life story, although it may seem pretty boring/unbearable/hard from where you are sitting, is being written by the Greatest Writer. He is weaving your seemingly insignificant story into the larger story of creation and history, and He never wastes a good story. Your part matters, even if it is small.

I want people to look at my life and see a story of redemption. I want the people who see me, people whose stories weave in and out of mine, to see me living a story worth telling.

Living a good story doesn’t mean that we will be famous, or rich, or notable. We may never have our name in the newspaper, speak before thousands, or play to anything but an audience of One. It does mean that we will live with integrity, faithfulness, and diligence.

We will tell the Good News with our stories for the glory of God.


Books: I am about halfway through The Child That Books Built by Francis Spufford. And while the reading is valuable and the author says some good things, the book itself is not the best part. The best part is that a friend who lives as far away from us as is possible and still be within the 50 United States read this book, thought of me, and took the time, effort, and money to mail (yes, through the USPS!) to me. That’s the best kind of gift – unexpected, thoughtful, and with meaning.

On the Web: I’m also over at Grace for Moms today talking about giving thanks in all seasons of motherhood. I hope you’ll join that conversation as well!