Many of you will be reading this on Wednesday morning, at which time I will be at a local park with Henry’s preschool class celebrating the end of preschool. God was so good to direct us to a local Christian school where Henry has had the most wonderful teachers who are already directing his young mind to the ways that God is working in the world and is seeking to save the lost. They have loved on him and cared for him so well during these difficult few months of my chemo.

Henry (and his parents) have made some good friends with the families of his classmates, and although I am a little sad at how fast he is growing up, I am even more excited about following these kids through the next few years, and seeing them discover who it is that God has made them to be.

But because time does march on and there will only be one summer between preschool and kindergarten, I am going to take my usual summer blogging break. We have adventures to fit in around my surgery and radiation treatments. We have books to read on rainy days, parks to explore on sunny days, and a garden to tend regardless of the weather.

I have my own goals for the summer, including getting back into shape after four months basically in bed, books to read, and other writing to do.

I want to thank you for all of your kind words over the last four months. Writing and playing the piano are two of the things that kept my brain moving when it felt like sludge, and so many of you have been encouraging with your words and with your prayers. Even on the weeks when I made myself write something, anything, just so I could say that I posted, you showed up and cheered me along. For all of that, I am extremely grateful.

If you want to keep up with us this summer, I may occasionally post on Twitter, and you can follow our gardening (mis)adventures on Instagram.

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I’ll see you in August!