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Two years ago, I wrote this post for Henry’s first day of preschool. Today he heads off to Kindergarten, and we start another chapter.

Two years of preschool are under your belt. You can count, know ALL the colors (thanks to the set of 72 colored pencils), can write your first and last names, and know most of the letters (math, rather than English, may be your thing). You are great at making friends. You have an introvert for a mother, and you stretch me in so many ways because you make friends wherever you go. You love to go to restaurants (especially Ritzy’s), play with your friends, and draw. You “play pretend” better than anyone I know because your imagination knows no boundaries. You love your Bible story app, choosing to interact with powerful stories like David and Goliath and Jesus’ resurrection. You want to see the good guys win. They are teaching you how to be a mighty warrior for Christ, my greatest prayer for you. You sing, and dance, and play with a freedom I wish I had. You reach out to others, you show compassion and care. I love the boy you have become, and am beginning to glimpse the man you will be someday.

We have had some tough times this year. My cancer has kept us from a lot of things we would normally have done, but you have thrived anyway. God has indeed blessed Mom and Dad with the perfect boy for us. As I always tell you, “I prayed for a Henry, and God gave me just what I needed.”

As you leave this morning, I know that you are going back to one of your favorite places. You love school, and you love your friends. We are so thankful that God led us to the perfect school for you, and for us. Your school and your teachers are some of God’s good gifts. I am so proud of you, and I am so excited to be a part of all that you are going to learn and experience this year. As sad as we were to see preschool come to an end, I have made it my mission to cherish every single season of your life, and to look forward to each new thing. I can’t wait to hear all about your first day of Kindergarten. You are so ready for this.