Last fall was a really great season. I was beginning to find ways to be more involved in Henry’s school, something I had dreamed about during the years that we waited for a baby. It only took four years, but I finally felt like I was getting in shape again, I was active in a lots of things at church, in the community, and with my friends. We were enjoying life.

And then God changed everything about my life and asked me to be brave.

After December 15, 2014,  God completely upended all of my expectations, my abilities, and my strength, and asked me to rely totally and completely on His.

When He changes our plans, we can choose to retreat and give up, or we can lean in and learn what He is trying to teach us.

I have tried my best to make the second choice. In no way do I want to squander whatever lessons God has taught me through my cancer.

And I want to use what He has taught me to encourage others. Whether you are facing a cancer diagnosis, or some other life-altering event, God has a message of hope. You can persevere through whatever He puts in front of you because of His amazing grace. He gives grace for this moment, and for all the moments to come.

Over the next few months, I want to share with you some of what I have learned. If you are facing your own mountain, or if you are helping someone else, I hope you will find something here to encourage you.

I’m calling this series “When You Have to Be Brave” because there are lots of ways that God calls us to be brave. Whether you are bravely facing a diagnosis, bravely sharing the gospel with your neighbor, or bravely raising children in an increasingly secular society, this is for you. I hope you will join the conversation, and help me share this series with others who need encouragement.

Are you facing a mountain today? If so, leave a comment so I may pray for you.