11939232_10155954370210244_1901119505_o[1]I have a goal to begin writing here more than once a week this fall. On Wednesdays. I will still share my new series, “When You Have to Be Brave,” but I am so excited to be getting back to some sort of normal life that I want to be able to share those things too.

We had a fun weekend, and for that I am extremely thankful. I am SLOWLY getting life back to normal (radiation is not as difficult as chemo, but it does take some of your energy and endurance, two important aspects of parenting a five-year-old boy). Friday night, we introduced our worship choir Christmas music at church. It’s always fun to look at new music, especially over a potluck dessert fellowship.

Saturday, Henry and I were able to spend the morning with friends, playing at our downtown park and trying out a new food truck. Understand, Owensboro is not quite (yet) cutting edge in a lot of ways. Food trucks are not found on every corner here, so it is very exciting that a local truck is showing up around town. We ate some yummy Mexican food out of the truck, played some with our friends, and came home to take a good, solid afternoon nap. Strangely, even though we ate outside in the fresh air, my clothes still smelled like I’d been inside a Mexican restaurant (come on, you know what I’m talking about).

For a cancer patient, being able to do some normal things is huge. Having the energy to go out with friends, playing at the park, walking down the street are things that most of us take for granted most days. But for someone who could not do any of this just four months ago (yes, really), I am so very thankful for weekends like this.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?