12074753_10156080525845244_3782289933565650817_n[1]This weekend, my middle nephew and his wife renewed their vows at a state park in Lebanon, Tennessee. They both serve in the Air Force, so when they got married a year and a half ago, none of their family was present. This weekend was about celebrating their marriage with family and friends.

I love this little picture because the groom, who is now well over 6 feet tall and not four years old anymore, was the ring bearer for me and Chris nineteen years ago. On Saturday, Henry was his ring bearer. Could someone please make time stand still?

The most unfortunate aspect of the wedding day was the weather. Middle Tennessee in October is a toss-up – it might be sunny and warm, and it might not be. Saturday was definitely in the “not” category. It was in the 50s, windy, and rainy all day long. Regardless, the decorations and the bride were beautiful. Henry got to dance his little heart out, and we enjoyed being with our family for the day.

We have one more week until fall break, and I have four days until my friend Amy and I head for what we call “grown-up camp,” which is actually a Christianity and the arts conference in Nashville known as Hutchmoot. To say we are terribly excited is an understatement. We’re looking forward to lots of inspiration, lots of good food, and lots of fun in the hotel room catching up since we last saw one another this time last year.

I can promise that the coffee and words will flow freely.