Last week was fall break in our parts, so I have taken a little break from my “brave” posts, but they will be back next week! Relax with me this week and think about the best parts of this season.

I love fall. I think it has become my very favorite time of the year. As a kid, I preferred the care-free feeling of summer, but I think fall is the grown-up version.

My favorite things list this season is pretty simple, but I hope it will prompt you to consider what makes fall special for you. Take time to enjoy each pumpkin-spice filled minute!

  1. Hutchmoot – This is my third year to attend Hutchmoot, a 3-day Christianity and the arts conference. It is also the second year I have gone with my friend Amy. I like to think of it as “grown-up camp.”
  2. Pulling out my cowboy boots. Nothing says fall like boots, and nothing says fall with a little southern attitude like cowboy boots.
  3. Cooler weather. An unexpected side effect from chemo is a persistent itching whenever I get hot, whether it is from temperature or exertion. Regardless, I am thrilled for cooler temperatures and less itching!
  4. Kids playing outside. Cooler weather also means that the neighborhood kids are showing up in the street again to ride bikes and play. It’s the stuff childhood is made for.
  5. Baseball caps. My hair is growing out (after losing it all during chemo), but it is at a very awkward stage. I wear baseball caps everywhere it is acceptable to do so, particularly my favorite Vanderbilt cap.
  6. Crockpot meals. I love using the slow cooker. I would cook everything in it if I could. This slow cooker salsa chicken and this slow cooker pot roast are two of my favorites.
  7. Chocolate digestives. We are anglophiles, and I was completely delighted to discover McVitie’s chocolate digestives at my local Walmart, of all places. Perfect with a cup of green tea in the evenings.

What are some of your favorite things this fall?