Thank you for bearing with me for the last ten weeks as I have tried to write down some of my thoughts from the past year. Revisiting all that God is teaching me has been very helpful, and I hope that it has given you the courage on whatever journey you find yourself.

But, it’s time to move on, to begin looking toward 2016 and the promise of a new year. I am still unpacking what it means to live a brave life, and probably will be doing so for the rest of my life. Learning to be brave is not something that you can do in three months, or even in a year, albeit a year filled with challenges.

So, in the spirit of moving on, I am going to take the next couple of weeks off, and then begin a Christmas series the first week of December. There are lots of really good Bible reading plans for the month of December, and I hope you will take time to find one that suits your schedule and needs. This series will not be one of those.

You can think of my series not as an advent plan, but as a coffee break in the middle of the day to focus on the good things of the season. I’m planning to share some of my favorite Christmas music, some scriptures, and hopefully some of the other things that I love most about Christmas. I hope you will join me on December 2 as we find inspiration in the Christmas season.

Until then, I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with a juicy turkey, the good kind of cranberry sauce, and lots of pumpkin pie!