thumb1D99Q65ILast year, snow days were not my favorite. In the middle of eight rounds of chemo, snow days meant my childcare (preschool) was cancelled, a necessity on days I couldn’t get out of bed.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, snow days are very different this year.

Today is a snow day. We have been very busy – all of our regular commitments with a little kids’ basketball thrown in – and we have been feeling it. Henry fell asleep during church last Sunday night, slept about 45 minutes, came home, and went to bed an hour later. We have been tired – a good tired, but still tired.

So, today (and maybe tomorrow!) are welcome breaks in the schedule. Today, we have watched a lot of movies, and enjoyed popcorn, hot chocolate, and oatmeal for snacks. I finished the first season of the Serial podcast, which I loved.

In the busy, I want to see more of God’s grace and beauty. Snow days are the perfect reminder, as we watch the beautiful flakes fall and cover the earth with whiteness. We are eating pancakes tonight, our snow day tradition that happily also falls on Fat Tuesday.

God created us for rhythms of work and rest. He created us to enjoy beauty, and to find comfort in our homes and families.

Do you find yourself in need of a snow day? Whether you have snow to stop your activities or not, you can create your own sanctuary of rest. Light a fire, make hot chocolate or hot tea, set out the good dishes, or make a comforting recipe. Winter is a time of rest, of preparing for what is to come. Find ways to make the most of it.