I was sorry to be MIA last week, but I had a few other things going on that just took every free second of writing time that I had, and, well … no post.

But here we are at the beginning of March. I am a huge fan of living in an area where we experience all four seasons, and spring is right around the corner. Flowers blooming, grass greening, Easter – and my birthday! March is a great month, as far as I am concerned.

Sunday night, we had a fun time bowling with our church family. Lots of laughs with greasy and salty bowling alley nachos – who could ask for more?

I am terrible at bowling. I knocked down exactly zero pins on my first three frames. But in the middle of that great showing, I learned a valuable lesson. After one very brilliant set of gutter balls, I found my little 5-year-old at my side, shouting this:

“You go, Mom! Great job! I am so proud of you!”

Huh? But I didn’t knock down any pins…

“It doesn’t matter! You tried and did your best, and that’s all that counts!”

That, of course, is exactly what we tell him. So why don’t we believe it’s true for ourselves?

Life would be so much better if we could give other adults and ourselves the same advice we give our kids.

Do your best. Try your hardest. And even if the ball goes in the gutter, be proud because you tried.

Who can you give some encouragement to today? We all need a pep-talk from time to time. Who needs you to be in their corner right now?