Taste and see that the Lord is good;
    blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

20160403_125154In this year of celebration, God is re-teaching me to enjoy – to really savor – the good gifts that He has given. I am learning again to use all my senses and marvel in the God of creation. I want to listen, to see, to taste, to feel, to smell all of the great experiences that God creates anew each and every day.

We have taken our American Puritan work ethic to its furthest extreme – if we are not busy being productive at something, then we mistakenly believe we are wasting time. But God created us for space and for rest, as well as for work. He created within us the desire to enjoy His creation – to listen to the birds, to smell the coffee, to taste the cake, and to stare at the clouds.

Work is good, and yes, God made us to work. But He also made us to stop and see how good He is. In the psalm above, He invites us to use our senses to understand His goodness.

This week is spring break in our corner of the world. I have every intention of using this week as an excuse to practice doing just this, to enjoy my people, to rest, and to remember that God made the world for us to care for and to enjoy.

Can you sense His goodness today? If not, might I suggest walking outside for five minutes to stare at the sky, and take in creation with all of your senses? His handiwork is all around you, if you will only “taste and see.”