13937888_10157237184645244_6718831127143171991_oSummer in these parts moved fast this year. In May, I remember counting up the days until school started again and wondering how we would fill them.


Those “lazy” days of summer were anything but for us this year, and it was with a lot of relief that we entered the schedule of school last week.

We finally have some predictable structure to our days. Yes, there’s homework. Yes, soccer and piano lessons will start soon. Yes, we will be busy with church. But … it’s not all quite so random. And we are not good with random in the Holmes household. Even the new puppy is slowly adjusting to this new normal.

Yep, we added a puppy to my post-chemo brain life. His name is Robin, and he’s Henry’s sidekick (We all know and understand that means that mom and dad do most of the actual caring for the puppy. Henry takes care of the playing.)

After such a crazy summer, I’m trying to add things only slowly and intentionally into our schedule this fall. What is most important to us? Where do we really need to spend our time and energy?

I plan to get back to writing here soon, at least semi-regularly. I hope you’ll join me on Wednesdays.

How is your family making the transition into late-summer/fall?