At the beginning of the year, I shared that my word for the year would be “celebrate.” In learning to celebrate the everydayness of real life, I realize that not every day brings a party. Some days we are glad to just to make it to bedtime. Some days, bedtime is the celebration!

Some days, I celebrate in a small-big ways. A mocha just because it’s a nice day. Treating myself to that shirt that’s on sale. Taking the free sample of bread at Great Harvest, or using the coupon for free ice cream.

Other days, the celebration is just that we made it. We made it through the day, the week, the month, the year. On those days, I fall into bed exhausted and praying that tomorrow is better.

But, thanks be to God, I will live to see tomorrow. I will get to have sore calves because I had the energy to volunteer for lunch duty. I will get to be frustrated because I could help my child with the homework he doesn’t want to do. I will get to fuss at traffic because I have the strength to drive and run errands.

These ordinary, sometimes not-so-good days are just as worth celebrating as the big occasions. They don’t get the press of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, but they are the stuff that make up our lives.

These days are worth celebrating, too. I just need a reminder sometimes.

How do you celebrate everyday living?