20170105_103806We have now experienced the first snow of the year. There’s something absolutely magical about that first snowfall. The excitement of waiting to hear if school will be cancelled, forming plans in our heads of all we will do on our unexpected day off. I love my son’s snow days just as much as I used to love my own.

We have developed our little snow day traditions – time to play outside, hot chocolate with marshmallows in snowmen mugs to warm us when we come inside, and creative play for the rest of the day. Yesterday’s snow day was particularly cold for us, and there wasn’t a huge amount of snow, so we spent less time on the outside play and more on the inside. We had a large box delivered earlier in the week, which I had kept it for just such an occasion. It became the Bat Mobile, complete with steering wheel and computer (made from odd pieces of paper and plastic lids).

Our days are pretty hectic around here. We are busy with so many daily responsibilities, but snow days are our time to slow down, take a breath, and just enjoy.

PS – I am reading through Sally Clarkson’s “Life Giving Home” this year, which includes lots of great ideas for creating a family culture. I’m sure I’ll write more about it as the year goes along, but I heartily recommend it. It is divided into months, with lots of seasonal ideas and inspiration.