Anne at the Modern Mrs. Darcy (one of my favorite bloggers and podcasters!) is inviting us to share the things that are saving our lives right now, at what is often the dreariest time of the year. We are in middle of winter, the days are just beginning to get longer, the temps are cold, and, at least in my area, we have no snow. (Could we at least have one good snow this year? Please?)

Until that snow happens, or not, here are a few things that are making my life a little happier this winter:

  1. The Inspector Gamache Series. What Should I Read Next? has expanded my to-be-read list beyond measure, including introducing me to this mystery series by Louise Penny, which really hits my winter reading sweet spot. Set in a quaint fictional town in Quebec, we follow the lives of quirky, small-town people who seem to attract a lot of murders, all solved by Inspector Armand Gamache. Engaging and fun, each book gets better and better. The series currently has twelve books, so plenty of reading to fill up the cold days.
  2. Cuties. Citrus is good for us, right? I hear it can even help with winter doldrums. And these little guys come in easy to peel packages. What’s not to love? A cutie and a handful of mixed nuts are a daily snack.
  3. Vaseline Rosy Lips. I basically bathe several times a day in moisturizers during the winter, and my new favorite this year is Vaseline’s Rosy Lips Therapy. It keeps my lips soft, and it’s such a pretty shade of pink.
  4. Hygge. I have been fascinated by the Danish idea of hygge. I told a friend that I should be a lifestyle guru, as I have basically lived a hygge life for the last 20 years. Cozy clothes, candles, good food, warm drinks, creature comforts … yes, please!
  5. Cooking. Out of necessity, we ate out a lot during December. And while I love a fine dining experience, the fast-food experience was what we had most. So I am breaking out my cookbooks (yes, I prefer real cookbooks over almost anything online) and my tried-and-true recipes, and I’m cooking more. And remembering how much I enjoy it.

So, along with coffee (because I am nothing without coffee), those are the things that are helping me face the brutality of winter. What about you?