Yesterday, I was listening to Sally Clarkson’s latest podcast (Women, especially moms – you need to know about Sally Clarkson. Her words are a great blessing to me.), and she said something so freeing. She said that if you are feeling spring fever where you are, give yourself permission and give in to it.

So, today, I am! I am writing this while sitting outside a coffee shop. I may be on my laptop and writing in my notebook, but my senses are engaged just by this change of scenery. I hear traffic – the sound of people going to and from. I see other people also working on laptops. I see construction workers busy with a new development. I smell the freshness of the spring air, and the cups of coffee around me. I taste my own mango black tea lemonade, perfect for a spring morning. I feel the light breeze and the sun shining down on the patio.

We are preparing for our children’s choir spring musical this week, which talks all about God’s creation. God made our senses to enjoy His world, He made our imaginations, He gave us other believers for fellowship, He offers us salvation, and so much more. God gives so many good gifts to His children, but how often do we really take the time to enjoy them all? Do we stop to see the beauty in the world around us?

Are you feeling spring fever today? Step outside, and really stop and look and see and smell and feel and taste the Lord’s goodness. Are you in a trial? Count your blessings, as the old hymn says. God is so good, and His creative acts are everywhere. Take time today to enjoy them and thank Him for His goodness.