It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. If you look at my blogging history, you will find that this is a theme, writing strong for a while, and then going quiet.

I have been enjoying Emily Freeman’s podcast, The Next Right Thing. Last week’s episode, Quit Something, made me pause and think about this blog. Not that I haven’t thought about it at all, but it’s been shoved to the side for other things. And that’s okay. For a long time, this was my primary creative outlet. It’s still a good place, and one I am not quitting entirely.

But the Lord has graciously provided other creative places. In August, I began teaching music part-time at a local Christian school. I am learning to stretch and grow in new and good ways. I’m learning about new instruments and attempting to find fun and creative ways to teach music theory and music performance.

I’ve had opportunities to do more editing work, helping other writers propel their work into the world. And I’m still teaching children’s music at my church and playing the piano at our local high school.

So, the time I once spent here is taken up elsewhere.

And that’s okay, because seasons come and go. What is now will one day be the past, and another season, another set of priorities will come, and we pray that the Lord will be in it all.

I am still writing a little. You can occasionally find me at Flourish, a blog for ministry wives and women in ministry, and at Connecting Ministries, a local para-church ministry for women.

When I have something to say, I’ll show up here. Thanks for joining me, faithful reader.